2250 A.D.  EARTH

It had been nearly a century since the world agreed to disband and disarm its nuclear weapons programs. Though a brief peace followed, large-scale warfare became inevitable. The newest weapons in the global arsenal became massive robotic suits piloted by highly-trained soldiers. Every nation capable of creating them gave the suits their own names and specializations, and soon they became symbols of pride and glory among the people.

One day an alien race known as the Saurians descended on the squabbling Earth. The mechanized suits of the world mobilized against the alien threat, but were all but destroyed. Now the Saurians rule the planet, harvesting its resources and enslaving its people. Hope rests in the hand of a covert international program dubbed MIRRORS. Utilizing prototypes and salvaged suits damaged in the War, the brave but inexperienced new pilots must take back the planet – or watch it burn.